Paris Saint-Germain boss Laurent Blanc said it was easy to explain how his team had not qualified for the Champions League semi-finals.

The Frenchman saw his side knocked out of the competition as Barcelona recorded a comfortable 2-0 victory at the Camp Nou on Tuesday night,

“I can tell you why we haven’t qualified. It’s because Barca scored five goals,” he told reporters.

“We hoped to have done better but they didn’t let us, just as they didn’t in the first leg, and they deserved to go through because we didn’t do enough to earn that right.

“We beat Chelsea in the last round and that was fantastic but it’s not enough to stay in this competition. We had more experience than our opponents then but that was something we lacked tonight when compared with Barcelona.

“When you lose to a team like Barca you can’t say you haven’t achieved what you set out to do. We just didn’t defend, but although they were superior we did see a bit of the ball.

“We had our weapons, which were fewer than Barca’s, but we had them. We stuck to our philosophy and style and took some risks.

“If you’ve followed Barca you’ll know how patient you need to be to win the Champions League. How long did it take them? They won it in 1992 when the club had its centenary.

“I’m not saying PSG will need to wait that long but we must be patient. Everyone wants immediate results but Paris will move forward if we are given time and a positive mentality,” he concluded.

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