Suarez: The team’s most important

Luis Suarez feels he is in his best Barcelona form but insists he cares more about how the team fares than his own goals tally.

Suarez appeared at a Press conference prior to Barca’s Champions League quarter-final second leg with Paris Saint-Germain and was asked about the first match and his two goals in it.

“The result was favourable but it’s not decided, more so against a team as good as PSG,” he said, AS reports.

“I’m in my sweetest form. I’m helping the team. But when the team does well, I’m happy. No matter who scores, but that the team has a good season.

“I try not to think about what happened before Barca. I came here to give my best, to do important things and I’m happy about it.

“Nutmegging David Luiz was instinct in the moment. I don’t think about who I’m facing. It happens in a thousandth of a second.

“You always want to improve. I don’t think I’m the best when I do well or the worst when I don’t. I am very self-critical and I’ve been through moments I’m not doing my best.

“I’m not weighed down by the money paid for me. There are family, friends, coaches and colleagues to help in the difficult times.

“I have confidence after everything that happened and gratitude to the club, my teammates and the coaches. The work we do is reflected in everything that’s happening.

“Champions League Pichichi? I don’t think about it. I’m interested in the group, in common interests.”

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