Ancelotti: Casillas whistles ‘strange’

Carlo Ancelotti has described as ‘strange’ the Santiago Bernabeu’s treatment of Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas.

Ancelotti spoke to radio show Tiempo Extra and discussed an array of topics in a lengthy interview, with his approach against Malaga having some light shed on it, as well as how Ancelotti sees his future, and the return of Madrid’s injured players.

Iker Casillas was a particular point of conversation, Ancelotti praising the skipper’s contribution but admitting there might be a better goalkeeper out there.

“Casillas will play on Saturday. I consider it strange that the Bernabeu should whistle a player who doesn’t deserve it,” he said, AS reports.

“We’ve been whistled many times, and many times it’s been deserved. Also, Iker has deserved it because errors are normal and you can accept it without problems.

“It’s more complicated when there is no reason.

“Iker’s fine. I see him motivated, calm. I can’t say [Keylor Navas] is the second goalkeeper – that’s why I rotate them from time to time. The two give me confidence.

“If Casillas wasn’t in the better form I wouldn’t start him. Last year, when he wasn’t playing, it was a decision of the Coach, not a direction of the club.

“My job is simpler than people think. The complicated thing is to explain to those who play or don’t play.

“In Italy they said [Milan President Silvio] Berlusconi was sending me the team by post. I’m already accustomed to this.

“Casillas leaving in June? I don’t think so. I’m sure he’ll stay here until the end of his career. He’s a veteran player, he knows the importance of dealing with the fans.

“I don’t think he’ll be first choice forever. If a better goalkeeper arrives then certainly not. Could we get a better goalkeeper? Possibly.”

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