Messi: ‘I’m happy at Barca now’

Lionel Messi says he is finally happy at Barcelona after what he describes as an ‘inconsistent season’.

The Argentine, in an interview with the club’s official website, admitted he was displeased with the way things had gone and says he is finally back to his best.

"I spent a lot of time out injured and missed a lot of games. When I wasfit I didn't feel quite right so I tried to put last season behind me quickly and get back to my best,” he explained.

“I did that thanks to enjoying my job, making a huge effort and working hard, just as I've always done, and thankfully I feel great right now.

"Inever thought asifthe team would lose if I didn't score the goals. In fact, it's the complete opposite despite me having an inconsistent season.

“Barca have always had top strikers, not just now with Neymar and Luis Suarez, but we put them to good use as they are two world-class players. They bring so much more to the team than just goals.”

Messi believes the birth of his son Thiago has changed him in so many ways, both on and off the pitch.

“He comes first, before anything else. I used to lose or play badly and didn't talk to anyone for three or four days until I got over it. Now when I lose a game, I get home, I see my son and I'm over it.

“I'm still angry on the inside, but everything changes when I see him. Fatherhood has helped me grow up.

“It has helped me realise football isn’t the be all and end all and that there are also other things in life,” he concluded.

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