Resino ‘embarrassed’ for Granada

Granada boss Abel Resino admitted that his team’s performance in the 9-1 defeat at Real Madrid on Sunday was an embarrassment.

The former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper saw his side suffer humiliation at the Santiago Bernabeu with Cristiano Ronaldo claiming five goals, and conceded that it had done his team’s morale some damage in their fight against relegation.

“We didn’t expect this disaster and it’s the worst day of my life as a player or Coach,” he conceded at a post-match Press conference.

“I guess it is the same for the players but we’ve still got to remain optimistic even if we’ve lost three points and conceded nine goals, which was embarrassing.

“It’s a big blow but we’ve got to get ourselves up for the next game because we’ve no other choice. This match is now history and if anybody is to blame it’s me.

“My players don’t want to talk about it and they are hurting. If they were not it would be strange, but the person who has failed is the Coach.

“We are going to keep trying and hopefully we’ll erase this memory because Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world.

“Tomorrow is another day and our duty now is to get our heads back up,” he declared.

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