Cruyff: ‘Barca won playing badly’

Barcelona legend Johan insists the Catalans won the Clasico against Real Madrid on Sunday despite playing badly.

Analysing the game, which saw Barca secure a 2-1 win thanks to goals from Jeremy Mathieu and Luis Suarez, the Dutchman felt Luis Enrique’s men had not been at their best over the whole 90 minutes.

“Football is so great a game that you can play poorly and win a match,” commented Cruyff at a charity golf event in Tarrasa.

“When a team plays well the logical outcome is that they win, but when a team plays poorly and wins…

“How many balls did Barca give away? Who won on the possession stats? It was Madrid wasn’t it? Well, that’s all that needs to be said.”

The 67-year-old was also invited to comment on the so-called ‘Neymar Case’ and the impending legal action threatened against club President Josep Maria Bartomeu and former incumbent Sandro Rosell.

“Court cases do nothing for the image of the club overseas. Now we have this and also the B team about to get relegated to contend with,” said Cruyff.

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