Garcia reiterates match-fixing innocence

Sergio Garcia has reiterated his innocence after being summoned to court on Friday in relation to allegations of match-fixing last season.

The Espanyol captain faced a Pamplona court on Friday morning after he was among the players accused of rigging the Week 37 fixture between Espanyol and Osasuna in La Liga, but he invoked his right not to testify on the grounds that he did not know enough information about the case.

“Following the news which has been being published by different media outlets, which have indirectly linked me to participation in sports irregularities, I repeat that I have never committed any such irregularities or criminal activities, with or without regards to sport,” the attacker said in a statement.

“Given the court summons I have received, I would like to say that, on the advice of my lawyer, I have exercised my right not to testify until secrecy of the investigation is lifted, and I do not know the facts of the allegations against me or the person or persons, whom have implicated me.

“Moreover, I want to make clear that once secrecy of the investigation has been lifted, I will voluntarily request information on the facts, of which I only know through the media.”

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