Acuna: Match-fixers should be jailed

Former Osasuna forward Javier Acuna has called for anyone found guilty of match-fixing to face jail time and defended the integrity of the players.

Acuna spent the second half of last season on loan at Osasuna and scored against both Real Betis and Espanyol, the two other clubs caught up in the latest game-rigging allegations.

The 26-year-old has since returned to his native Paraguay with Olympia but was contacted by Marca about the controversy.

Osasuna are alleged to have been unable to explain a sum of €2.5m in the club’s accounts and Acuna was told about it by the newspaper.

“I had no idea the club had that money. Then I don’t understand why we weren’t paid what they owed us at the time,” came his reply.

“All debts are paid and I’m disconnected from Spanish football. I’m away and I hadn’t heard about this until [the newspaper] called.

“I don’t want my name dirtied at all because they’ll throw dirt at those who are far away.

“If you really find out who was buying those games, they should go to jail and pay for the damage to the players who didn’t do anything shady.”

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