Spain’s Professional Football League (LFP) are reportedly planning to revise their distribution of television rights money.

La Liga has been repeatedly criticised for allocating the majority of its TV rights to Real Madrid and Barcelona, with last season no different as they both accounted for almost 40 percent of the €755m shared to all 20 clubs.

According to AS, the LFP intend to divide up €800m of TV rights into €80m for Segunda Liga clubs and €710m for top-tier sides.

Out of this €710m, 50% would be determined by sporting results and social contributions, while no club would be entitled to more than one-fifth of the remaining 40%.

President Javier Tebas recently announced his intention to reduce the disparity between Clasico clubs and the rest of La Liga, which saw Madrid earn €140m in 2013-14, compared to Almeria’s cut of €18.

Such is the disproportionate nature of Spain’s TV rights distribution that champions Atletico Madrid earned €32.5m less than relegated Premier League outfit Cardiff City.

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