Jemez: This is Rayo’s hardest year

Paco Jemez has issued a stinging reminder that Rayo Vallecano have to work for everything. “The day we stop, we’re finished.”

Jemez told a Press conference that while Elche need the points from Monday’s fixture, it’s Rayo he’s most concerned about and is hopeful of a performance in keeping with the team’s standards in training.

“Elche are in a difficult situation. For them it’s a game that’s vital, but it is for us too,” he said, AS reports.

“I don’t want to look for only what is important to Elche but for us more. We want to improve. I’m getting the impression the game is only important for Elche.

“We’re a small, humble team and we need to project that image. I want to see a team that understands there are three important points here.

“It was a very good week of work. We worked hard and haven’t rested a single day. The players have worked fabulously well and it gives me confidence.

“If we win, we’ll be ninth. We have the second lowest budget in the Division and we can’t ever forget that. We’re higher than the budget says we should be. We have to fight and suffer every year. The day we stop, Rayo will be finished.

“We are losing perspective. Every year we try to show the numbers don’t go hand-in-hand with the position. It costs a lot every year and this year costs even more. This year is the hardest.”

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