Mendes: ‘CR7 always wants to play’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes says the Real Madrid superstar always wants to play and should get more rest.

Furthermore, Mendes insists that Ronaldo put his body on the line by going to the World Cup with Portugal last year.

“It’s clear Ronaldo would have rested more if he was not so professional. He always wants to play,” Mendes told journalists at a book launch in Portugal.

“If it had been anybody else he wouldn’t have gone to the World Cup, but his knee problems are now in the past and he will be the same player as ever in the next few years.

“Off the pitch he is a role model for kids because of how he conducts his day-to-day life.”

Mendes also took the opportunity to criticise the decision to ban third party ownership of players in European football.

“Don’t smaller clubs have the right to seek financial assistance to compete at a higher level?” he asked.

“The dark world of third party ownership, as it has been portrayed, does not exist.”

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