Casillas: Not easy being Ronaldo

Iker Casillas has sympathised with Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo following his recent transgressions against Cordoba. “It’s not easy being him.”

The goalkeeper was speaking at a promotional event on Friday and covered a wide range of topics, including Los Blancos’ objectives for the rest of the season, the Christmas break, Neymar’s theatrics during Atletico Madrid-Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, Arda Turan’s thrown boot, Luis Figo’s campaign for the FIFA presidency and Asier Illarramendi’s prospects in the Spanish capital.

“We hope we remain in the two competitions we’re still in. We’ll fight to the end,” he told assembled journalists.

“We want to defend the Champions League because everyone in Europe wants to win it, and we’ll fight hard with Atletico [Madrid] and Barcelona for La Liga.

“It’s not easy being Cristiano [Ronaldo], he’s always under pressure and in everyone’s sights. We show our full support to Cristiano.

"We have a positive Cristiano, who’s an ambitious fighter. What’s done is done, he’ll pay for his mistakes in the next two games.

“I think when you have the daily routine of competing, it allows you find that dynamic of getting good results.

“The [Christmas] break forces you to work towards regaining that dynamic.

“We had a hiccup in Copa del Rey, but we’re working every day to improve the situation and revert our streak to a winning one.

“[Referring to Neymar’s theatrics], everyone has their own way of playing and style, but in the end there’s a clear winner, which was Barcelona, I wish [Atleti and Barca] were both eliminated, but it’s not possible.

“Everyone plays their best weapons, and in this case Barcelona play with theirs. They were better than Atletico.

“If I gave advice to players not on my team, it would be wrong. Beyond my team, I don’t have to give an opinion, because I'm not in their dressing room. We care little about what happens at other clubs.

“It’s interesting for players when new faces appear [on the topic of Luis Figo running for FIFA presidency].

“I think everything has to change, and knowing him he’ll have his reasons and be prepared. We wish him all the best.

“[Arda Turan’s boot] is a good question for you to ask him. I can tell you that his aim wasn’t very good, but obviously it was a gesture which he shouldn’t have made.

“Give trust to Asier [Illarramendi], and from there he’ll give good performances, which will be beneficial to the team.

“He hasn’t participated much this season, but he’ll be an important player for us if he’s trusted. The Coach has said he has confidence in him.”

Casillas was also asked about his own future and said that while he’s not thinking too far ahead, he knows a decision will have to be made one day.

“I can honestly say that I won’t be looking at anything for the next few months, but I’m not immortal and I know that I can’t play until I’m 38 or 39,” Casillas acknowledged.

“Iker won’t last forever, I must be realistic. I like [the MLS], their football attracts me but I’m happy in Madrid. I don’t think too much about my future.”

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