Zidane calls for Ancelotti renewal

Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane has called for the club to renew boss Carlo Ancelotti’s contract immediately.

In an exclusive interview with Marca, Zidane insisted the Italian was the best man for the job at the Santiago Bernabeu and insisted it should be done without a second thought.

“Carlo is very important to the team and is the best possible Coach for Madrid,” maintained the Frenchman.

“I’d renew his contract right now because he is someone who gets on with this group of players very well.

“I’m not surprised at how he has gone about things because he’s very professional and knows what he wants.

“He has a clear vision and handles the players well, which is the biggest challenge these days.”

Zidane was asked if it was difficult to deal with the Real Madrid squad given the number of world class players at Ancelotti’s disposal.

“You can’t say that. Look, when you are the best-looking and the best and you hear it from people every day, then it ends up getting into your head. You think that’s the way it is and nobody can say anything against you.

“That’s how it is in football but Ancelotti knows how to get things across and talk to people.”

Real Madrid Castilla boss Zidane also touched on the criticism his countryman Karim Benzema has sometimes had to endure from the demanding fans in the Spanish capital.

“Maybe he should wear the No 10 shirt to make everyone happy? I don’t know why he receives such stick.

“Maybe people want him to score 60 goals a season like Ronaldo, but he’s never going to do that.

“He’s more of a playmaker who likes to link up the play, which suits Madrid perfectly.”

Finally, Zidane was invited to comment on the possibility of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba moving to Madrid after being linked with Los Blancos over the past few months.

“He’s a very good player but there are lots of very good players out there. I can’t tell you if he is right for us because it’s not up to me,” he replied.




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