Arbeloa: ‘Mourinho like a parent’

Alvaro Arbeloa has once again spoken out in favour of former Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho, saying he was like a ‘friend or parent’ to him.

In an interview with Onda Cero’s ‘Al Primer Toque’ programme, the Madrid right-back also denied his alleged rift with goalkeeper Iker Casillas has continued, following comments attributed to him last season backing the current Chelsea manager.

“With Mourinho a boundary was crossed and at times he got so close that he was like a friend or parent to us,” revealed Arbeloa.

“He is enjoying himself now [at Chelsea] and I still talk to him, although I have a very good relationship with all my coaches, but we had some good times with Mourinho.

“He protected us, stood up for us, and we thanked him for sticking his neck out and taking the bullets. ‘Mourinhismo’ is a way of being, of doing things, always putting yourself forward, defending your ideas to the death, being honest, upstanding…

“There’s conflict between Iker and myself. We are teammates and are lucky enough to share the joys and the trophies. It’s difficult to have friends in life. It’s easier on Facebook.”

Arbeloa went on to tell of the criticism he received from fans following the spat with Casillas, which spilled over to social media at the start of this season, and admitted it had hurt.

“There are always moments when you see everything as black and start to doubt. But then you stop and think that you are at the biggest club in the world, so why wouldn’t it be demanding?

“It’s very difficult to be a Real Madrid player and at times some may have thought they’d been sent to hell, but at the same time you are also very proud.

“I’ve heard things said that have hurt me but above all it is your family who suffer. Here at Madrid everyone knows each other and I know who will speak honestly.

“Hopefully those that call me will go on to win everything that I’ve won,” he commented.

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