Moyes compares La Liga to Premier

David Moyes has compared La Liga to the Premier League and believes it is just as competitive.
The Real Sociedad boss considers the game in Spain is not much different from that in England, although he has been surprised at the professional attitude shown by his players.
“I’ve always stressed that English football is very competitive but since I’ve been here I’ve noticed that La Liga is also like that,” he told AS.
“I love the diversity you get here and in the Premier League, which is something that’s very positive for our sport.
“Perhaps Spanish football is more technical and perhaps in England it’s more physical, but you have to acknowledge that Spain have won the World Cup and two European Championships and that means they are doing things right.
“At La Real I’ve found players who are very professional and look after themselves, while they are also focused on their work.“They do things for the good of the team, and while it’s true there are some very good players at [former club] Manchester United, I’ve been surprised there are also very good ones here.”
Real Sociedad President Jokin Aperribay said recently that the club still has an outside chance of getting into a European place, although Moyes is not looking that far ahead.
“It’s going to be difficult to get back into Europe, we must make that clear, but we’ll know after the next five or six games whether that’s feasible.
“Right now I’m focused, and that’s my obsession, with winning every game possible and getting away from the relegation zone.
“If we can get some good results at the start of next year then we can begin to look upwards,” he added.
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