Ramos: Madrid are God’s team

Sergio Ramos has hailed Real Madrid as 'God's team and the world's team' in light of Pope Francis' allegiance to Club World Cup finalists San Lorenzo.

The head of the Catholic Church has supported the Argentine outfit since his youth and will have the club's new stadium named after him.

Nonetheless, Ramos believes the manner in which Los Blancos have been received since landing in Morocco pays testament to their global appeal.

"Titles are what football's all about. We're living through splendid and unique times," he stated to assembled journalists at a Press conference.

"I feel privileged under the command of Carlo Ancelotti, and we're all very happy with him.

"I believe in Christianity, but in football faith doesn't usually help much. We're grateful for how well we've been received in Marrakech.

"In the semis, I noticed the affection of the local fans, and it seemed like we were playing at home. That sums up the greatness of this team. Madrid is God's team and the world's team.

"In Argentina, all Argentines live football with passion. Each one advocates and supports their team. We'll try to give joy to all Madridistas, even if the Pope is a San Lorenzo fan.

"Maybe the Argentine League is not very followed throughout the world, but it has a lot of competition.

"There are well-known players [at San Lorenzo] and that makes the country dream. I wish them all the best."

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