Lawsuit filed over Levante-Zaragoza

Anti-corruption prosecutor Alejandro Luzon has filed a lawsuit for the alleged fixing of a Levante-Real Zaragoza match in May 2011.

Marca reports that charges have been brought against a total of 42 individuals and legal entities, which includes Zaragoza, over the game, which ended 2-1 and saw the Aragonese club stay up at the expense of relegated Deportivo la Coruna.

In addition to the 28 players who took part in the match, former Zaragoza President Agapito Iglesias [pictured, right], two of his directors, former boss Javier Aguirre and several of the substitutes have also been charged.

A historic legal process is set to begin, the first of its kind for match-fixing in La Liga, with those involved facing the possibility of prison sentences ranging from six months to four years and being banned from playing football for one to six years.

After announcing the defendants, Luzon laid out the facts of the case.

“The President of Zaragoza, Agapito Iglesias, as well as directors Francisco Javier and Francisco Jose Checa, agreed along with sporting director, Antonio Prieto, Coach Javier Aguirre and the captains Gabi, Ponzio and Jorge Lopez, representing and with the consent of the other players, to rig the game.

“To this end it was established that €965,000 was paid to Levante players in exchange for them allowing Zaragoza to win the game.

“In executing this agreement, on May 17 and May 19, 2011, the Zaragoza advisor and financial director Francisco Javier Porquera ordered the transfer from the Zaragoza account the amounts of money to the accounts of Antonio Prieto, Javier Aguirre and these players:Lanzaro, Ander Herrera, Toni Doblas, Paulo da Silva, Braulio, Ponzio, Gabi, Jorge Lopez and Diogo.”

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