Griezmann: More expected at Atleti

Atletico Madrid winger Antoine Griezmann maintains that people expect more of him at the club compared to when he played for Real Sociedad.

The France international signed for Los Rojiblancos for a reported €30m before the start of this season and admits he has found it strange adjusting to a different style of play.

“It’s another style and people expect a lot more, but I’m trying to integrate and learn from my teammates,” the 23-year-old told France TV.

“I’m not always in the starting line-up and that has proved hard for me, but above all I’m learning how to win games and be tougher when there is contact made.

“It’s not the type of game I’ve been accustomed to but I’m trying to be stronger and to improve.”

Three of Griezmann’s four goals this term have been when he was in the starting XI against Cordoba and Malmo, while all his five goals for the French national team have been scored when he has come off the bench.

“On the one hand it is easier to come off the bench but on the other it isn’t. You go onto the pitch when your opponents are tired and you are fresh.

“The problem is that it is hard to pick up the pace of the game, although I try to do my best whether I’m on from the start or not,” he asserted.


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