Schuster: Kroos has everything

Bernd Schuster has lavished praise upon compatriot Toni Kroos after the midfielder’s performance in Real Madrid’s weekend win.

Kroos scored his first goal for Los Blancos in the 5-1 triumph over Rayo Vallecano and caught the eye of many observers with his all-round display.

Schuster was asked about Kroos in an interview with Marca and the former Malaga Coach didn’t hold back the plaudits.

“He was one of the best players. He did everything – defend, attack, he got an assist, scored,” Schuster said.

“For Gareth Bale’s goal, it was all Kroos: he retrieved the ball, moved up the pitch and played the final pass.

“To complete the day he scored himself. Shooting is something he is great at.

“Kroos is everything I expected because he is a smart player and intelligence is very important in football.

“He has everything a player needs – vision, passing short and long – but I still think his best position, at least where I like him because he can exploit things, is a bit further forward.

“Further back he can’t use some of his qualities, the final pass and the shot from closer to the goal, with either foot.

“Germans have always been very good shooting from middle distance. We like to shoot. But he needs to adapt to the team’s needs.

“He is adapting quickly because of his intelligence and quality. He has a good understanding with Luka Modric, who could also play further forward. Between them they control further back.

“Kroos’ technique and positioning conceals his defensive weaknesses. He’s good on the ball and good with passing and that helps you defend.”

Johan Cruyff has suggested that Barcelona should have been in the market for Kroos as he has similar DNA to the club, and Schuster, formerly of La Blaugrana as well as Los Blancos, agreed.

“Yes, I read that. Johan is right. He is a player who would like it there and I know because I played there,” Schuster added.

“What this proves is that Madrid have got a hit with this signing.”

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