Arbeloa warns Madrid teammates

Alvaro Arbeloa has warned his Real Madrid teammates about the atmosphere they will encounter at Anfield on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old full-back spent two years with Liverpool between 2007 and 2009, making 66 Premier League appearances, and is aware of the support the Reds will have behind them when the teams meet in their Champions League Group B game.

“I’ve warned them about the atmosphere they’ll find. It’s not a hostile one but their fans provide a lot of support to the players,” he told a Press conference.

“It’s special for Liverpool to be back in the Champions League after five years and to return against Real Madrid makes it even more so.

“Even Cristiano Ronaldo has said it is the most difficult ground he has played at.

“There are some things that are difficult to explain and easier to feel.

“When you descend the stairs on those big Champions League nights you can feel the special atmosphere.

“There is a different sound when you hear the anthem and all football fans should experience the Anfield atmosphere at least once, because it’s a special experience,” he affirmed.

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