Dominguez: Germany is a challenge

Alvaro Dominguez is living a childhood dream by playing in the Bundesliga as he reflects on the contrasting World Cups for Spain and Germany.

Dominguez has been interviewed by AS and revealed his reasons for quitting La Liga for the Germany, and revealed the reaction of the German players to Spain’s poor World Cup, particularly in light of their successful tournament.

“[Playing outside Spain] was a personal challenge I had wanted since childhood, in England, Italy or Germany,” Dominguez revealed.

“Finally I got the chance to go to an historic team here in Germany, Gladbach, and I’m very happy.

“After 23 years in Spain everything was the same. You read the same newspaper and play against the same opponents. I needed a change.

“It’s true that after the World Cup there was some hesitation in the locker room. But the Germans are very respectful and dignified.

“That was the end of a cycle. It was a shame but to continue winning costs a lot, to have the same motivation and the same hunger.

“Not even Spain could win every year. Someday it was always going to change.

“Germany have a huge role, have been developing good players and they’re going to be able to dominate world football in the coming years.”

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