Tebas welcomes collective TV rights

The President of the LFP, Javier Tebas, has welcomed the move to collective TV rights sales as improving fairness in La Liga.

Tebas was speaking at a conference held in Monaco for sporting administrators amid reports there will be a collective rights package in the near future.

Currently the clubs can sell their TV rights individually, with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona able to command a higher price for their matches.

Critics argue that the system entrenches the successful teams in their lofty positions and deprives other clubs of the finances to challenge at their level.

Tebas confirmed he is one of those critics and said his leadership of the LFP has considered the measure of vital importance.

“In the 18 months I’ve been President of La Liga, collective sale of television rights has been a fundamental part of the project,” he said, Marca reports.

“The LFP has made a huge effort to formulate an agreement that is fair to all clubs, looking for the right distribution benefits.

“The new structure is, in fact, quite similar to the Italian model.”

It was argued by Tebas’ counterpart in the German League that collective TV rights are part of what has made the Bundesliga strong.

“The conclusion was that the only way to build brand equity was to allow all clubs to benefit equally from the income,” Joerg Daubitzer argued.

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