Cerezo rejects violent Atleti tag

Club President Enrique Cerezo has reacted to claims in recent weeks that Atletico Madrid are a violent team.

Speaking in Barcelona at an Encuentros de La Vanguardia function, Cerezo, who has been at the helm since succeeding Jesus Gil in 2002, insisted it is because Diego Simeone’s men won the title last season that has set tongues wagging.

“These are unfounded allegations, gossip, by those who accuse us of playing in a violent manner,” said Cerezo.

“It is not so. We are not violent. We have a team that plays good football and one that has to defend the League title because we are champions.

“But what worries me most is the lack of luck we are getting at the moment. In Greece [against Olympiacos] we were caught out three times and they scored three goals.

“At Mestalla [last weekend] if we’d scored our penalty things would have turned out different.

“Again, I insist, we are the champions and we are going to have a great season.”

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