‘Match-fixing? Hopefully it’s nothing…’

Former Real Zaragoza player Nayim has said he doesn’t believe a match can be fixed as investigations into corruption allegations continue.

A game between Zaragoza and Levante from 2011 is under suspicion, with Zaragoza beating Levante to avoid relegation.

Atletico Madrid midfielder Gabi scored both goals for Zaragoza in that game and Marca reports he told investigators he received a payment he later handed back to Zaragoza's then-President.

Nayim, assistant Coach at Zaragoza at the time, told state prosecutors that he doesn’t know how a game would be fixed by professional footballers.

“I don’t know how anyone can rig a game a football, much less to lose,” he said.

“It’s a situation nobody likes to read or see but hopefully it’s nothing and the image of Zaragoza remains clean because the club don’t deserve this.

“This situation isn’t good for the club but we have to trust that everything will go well.

“It was a competitive match with unquestionable goals. I don’t know how it could be fixed.

“The players are great professionals and when I was with them they were flawless in every way. They gave everything for the club and the memory I have of them is very good.

“It is very hard to fix a match. They have to be actors but they’re athletes and everybody wants to win.

“In that game there were 9,000 Zaragoza fans and I remember it was very competitive.

“I’ve never rigged any game, especially not to lose and I don’t think the Levante players would agree to lose because it doesn’t go through the head of a professional.”

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