Mou: Chelsea will use Cesc properly

Jose Mourinho has claimed that Barcelona misused Cesc Fabregas, but has insisted that Chelsea won’t.

The Spain international left the Blaugrana after three years this summer to sign for the Premier League outfit.

And after a man of the match debut against Burnley on Monday evening, the Portuguese tactician has reiterated that Chelsea is the best place for Cesc.

“The team played very well but I agree with Cesc being man of the match because he and [Nemanja] Matic controlled the game and dictated the intensity of it,” he told reporters.

“They decided how to control the pace. They were both good brains in this team and I am happy with that because last season we could not control the game as we controlled [it] today.

“When the players are your first choice it is very difficult to make a mistake. Fabregas was our first choice for that position.

“I know clearly what the player is because we were so long in the same league.

“He moved to Spain also, so for the last 10 years we have been in the same league for six or seven. I know exactly what he will bring.

“For Barca he was the fake nine, the number ten and winger but I know and he knows what is his best position so he is giving exactly what we need. Quick thinking in midfield.

“He brings people in the same direction. I am really happy.”

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