Ten Cate: Suarez needs help

Former Barcelona assistant coach Henk ten Cate has said Uruguay international Luis Suarez ‘needs help and has a problem.’

Sport reports ten Cate, who Coached Suarez at Ajax for half a season, as saying the prospective Barca signing struggles to keep his temper in check.

The Liverpool forward was banned for nine internationals and four months from all football after biting Giorgio Chiellini.

“Suarez needs help in that regard, he has a problem,” ten Cate told La Xarxa.

“He has a family and needs to learn there are things you can’t do, and work out how to handle his emotions.

“Suarez sometimes loses his head. It’s something you can’t do.

“Barcelona have someone who can help, a psychologist called Imma Puig who worked for us when we were there with Frank Rijkaard.

“She can help him control his emotions. I’m not saying he has to go with it but she could help, in my opinion.

“Suarez is a good player. Always wants to score and to win. He has goals and character, a lot of character.

“Most players like Suarez are players with a big personality, a little selfish and not in a bad way. A forward has to be selfish.”

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