‘No one expected Spain exit’

Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar revealed he was surprised to see Spain fail to get out of the World Cup group stage.

AS reports Cesar as speaking at a Press conference and after being asked about La Roja, the Toronto FC custodian shared his shock.

“Not even the most pessimistic expected what happened to Spain,” he said.

“Spain have great players who have won it all in recent years.

“This is more proof that football is 11 against 11 and the games you’ve played are erased by the next one.”

Cesar was asked about his Spain counterpart, Iker Casillas, and replied that mistakes are a common part of the life of a goalkeeper.

“Casillas deserves respect. Mistakes have happened at the World Cup but he will never stop being a successful goalkeeper,” Cesar added.

“And that’s what the Spain fans have to understand. Mistakes are a normal thing.”

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