Del Bosque wants happy team

Spain Coach Vicente Del Bosque has said that having a happy team is more valuable than 100 hours of training.

Marca cites an interview Del Bosque gave to El Pais in which he shared his thoughts on the importance of a good atmosphere among any group of players.

“A happy team is worth more than 100 hours of tactics,” Del Bosque said.

“It’s good for any business that the employees are content. In football, if the kids are happy, we’ve won.”

Del Bosque added that as Spain’s players become more successful, it’s important they stay grounded.

He also revealed that the Barcelona and Real Madrid players don’t always fraternise when on international duty.

“It’s best to humanise the group, reminding them that they are modest people and where they come from,” he continued.

“They are nice people. But the Barca players sit together as do Madrid’s. That happened in my time, it’s not a symptom of anything.

“A quarrel [in public] is a hindrance. I can’t get upset because I have to make quick decisions and have to be moderate in my gestures.

“On the bench and in the field we have to avoid arrogance.”

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