Di Maria credits Ancelotti for form

Angel Di Maria has put his good form down to Real Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Argentina international impressed throughout much of the campaign and capped it with a man-of-the-match performance in the Champions League final win over Atletico Madrid.

Di Maria has conducted a lengthy interview with Marca in which he touches on a number of subjects, from the final itself to playing under Ancelotti and his future at Santiago Bernabeu.

“[The final] was a dream night, what every player wants it to be, winning a coveted title,” he said.

“Lifting the cup and being named the best player was very good.

“There were some very nice moments in the celebration but none compare to the final whistle.”

Di Maria has been widely praised for his effort and hard work, and insists that it is something that comes naturally to him.

“Adrenaline, desire, endless desire…Every time I wear the shirt I’ll give everything,” he said.

“Whatever people say and for whatever they criticise me. I’ll never give 95% or 99%, always 100%.

“When you do this, you get your rewards in the end.

“I’ve grown a lot, thanks to Ancelotti, who has given me the opportunity to play on both sides and inside.

“I’ve progressed a lot as a player and a person. I also thank my teammates for supporting me through the bad times.

“[Ancelotti] gave me the confidence to play, to get through the headlines when everyone criticised me.

“He gave me confidence, he showed he believed in me and that I could give the team what it needed.

“I wanted to sacrifice, defend, attack, run, give everything.

“He’s a very positive person, who just thinks about winning and that transmitted to us. Before games he encouraged us, telling us that we’d win, that together we can. His words were fundamental.”

Di Maria added that he wants to know he is still wanted at Madrid for next season before the start of the World Cup.

“If the club doesn’t want me and doesn’t need my job, that’s not up to me,” he lamented.

“I’d be more relaxed, knowing what will become of me, of my family. Especially for them, my wife and daughter.

“If I have to go, moving…what I want to know is whether or not I will continue. Things keep coming and I want to focus on the World Cup.”

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