Perez: La Decima was an obsession

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has acknowledged the club became ‘obsessed’ with winning a 10th European Cup.

Perez also praised Carlo Ancelotti’s debut season on the bench at Santiago Bernabeu, crediting the Italian with managing the demands of the squad so well.

“He creates very comfortable, very familiar environments,” Perez said, according to AS.

“All the pressure that can occur between players, with journalists around, which has merit, is removed. He has to talk four times a week. He deserves a medal for his work.

“Managing 25 players is always difficult but even more so at Real Madrid, because we have the best in each position.

“These are people who have their egos, they have their little vanity. Ancelotti has managed them like a big family. And he has the most united squad I remember in my time as President.”

Ancelotti capped his inaugural season with Los Blancos by claiming the club’s 10th European Cup, La Decima, ending a 12-year wait.

Perez admitted that the desire for the 10th had grown to dangerous levels but was at a loss to explain why.

“No one knows why but it’s true that there was an obsession,” he added.

“I always said it was a small obsession, but now that we have won we can say there was a real obsession for winning it.

“We have taken that weight off, so now we can win the next one easier.”

Perez was also asked about his celebration in Lisbon, with some critics contending it was not fitting for a man in his position.

“If someone was bothered by my celebration, I apologise,” he said.

“But we were in a box that was not like usual. I was in a corner, there was no President from another team close by, and I was a little more uninhibited.

“I would rather have beaten someone else [other than Atletico Madrid] but it was good to see two teams from Madrid in the final.

“It was unfortunate that one of them had to lose and one always feels it more when they have been close to winning.

“I think they are an example for everyone, especially for children.

“Atletico had a great season and everything was left [on the pitch], but it was a moment they couldn’t do any more.

“Real Madrid were unlucky because the first-half was even. Then in the second-half we had great superiority, and then we got the goal worthy of winning a final.”

Perez also gave his thoughts on the situation with Iker Casillas, insisting the captain would stay at Madrid.

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