Enrique: Let’s enjoy it

New Barcelona Coach Luis Enrique has called on his side to forget about the recent past and get back to enjoying their football.

The Blaugrana’s season has been blighted by a number of high profile off-field issues, while on the pitch they finished the campaign trophyless.

Speaking at the Press conference to officially announce his appointment at Camp Nou, the former Celta Vigo boss is looking forward to moulding the team into his vision and called for everyone with an interest in the Catalan giants to unite.

“I would like to thank Barca for their decision, their support and their confidence in my technical staff,” Enrique told the gathered journalists. “It’s an exciting day.

“We will start to build a new Barca that is able to achieve all its objectives. Today all the reasons why I decided to be a Coach have come to fruition.

“I never thought I would coach Barca, it is a marvellous thing. I have taken a certain path and now I have my opportunity. We will begin, from now, to decide things and I am looking forward to hearing the Barca hymn at Camp Nou again!

“I am handsome, tall, friendly, Spanish! A Coach is more of a leader and that is measured in many ways. It’s not just about technical knowledge and tactics, there are lots of things they influence.

“I hope to put in place a lot of things that will only be of benefit to the club.

“Today is a special day for me. Today, when I left home I saw the sun shining and I thought to myself, I’m going to coach Barca!

“I watched the final League match just like other any other fan suffering! Everything that has happened is in the past, it’s the history of football.

“We will play on the attack, in the same way Barca have been renowned for doing over the last few years.

“That’s how the team is recognised throughout the rest of the world. I want to see an attractive style and I think I am capable – that is my goal.

“I want my team to have a style of play. I want my players to shine to the maximum and show how good they are.

“It’s a good thing that not everyone will be able to play, I hope that it makes them angry in a good way. The pressure to win is something that I want every day.

“I am going to manage the team in the same way as it was done in the past. I admire the players as a fan, but as a Coach I need to help them.

“I don’t think that I need to rule with an iron fist. We all need to be demanding and communicate with each other.

“No one should think that we are getting the exercise bikes out! We will work with the ball, that’s what we need to do. What we need to do is enjoy ourselves in training.

“It is a very exciting and beautiful profession. Everyone together, the team, the boss, the directors and the fans, means that we are stronger.”

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