Iniesta looks forward to title decider

Andres Iniesta has admitted that Barcelona’s chance at winning the title doesn’t paper over the cracks of a poor season.

The Blaugrana host Atletico Madrid on Saturday, with the winner of the match being crowned League winners.

Despite this though, the midfielder has insisted that his men haven’t been good enough this term.

“Winning the League can’t cover up a poor season and if we do win it that shouldn’t change anything about the future of the team,” he told a Press conference.

“Winning the League would be a great way to sign off and it’d be good to do it for Martino after all he has had to go through.

“We have a one-off chance to win the League at home and in front of our supporters. We’ll be giving everything, 200 per cent, and let’s hope we can all celebrate a win together”.

“Whoever wins will deserve it – why won’t we deserve it if we win? We’ve led the table, lost big games, won big games.

“The League is about a whole season of effort, but right now, we will be putting a whole year’s work on a 90 minute game.

“I think we would all have signed up for this – a must win game in the last match of the season, at home to Atletico Madrid.

“Playing at home takes a lot of pressure of us and if we win I think it will be a bigger celebration than ever. This team has never had that tension of going into the last game with the title at stake.

“Whether we’ve done things right this season or not, this is our final. This will be different from the Champions League game, though the game against them here was the one that we felt best in.

“For Saturday we have to ensure we play with pace and skill and make the most of our chances. Right now, both teams know each other really well, so it’ll be the small details that decide the game.”

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