Juanfran: Atletico are ready

Juanfran feels Atletico Madrid are ready to win the title and criticised those who say Real Madrid have lost it, rather than Atleti have won it.

Atletico are three points clear at the top of the table with two games to go, the last of which sees Diego Simeone’s side travel to Camp Nou.

Juanfran told a Press conference prior to Sunday’s game against Malaga that he doesn’t spend time considering the chances of Barca and Madrid and insisted Atletico are ready for the final knockings of the season.

“I don’t think about either Madrid or Barca and no one is more prepared than ourselves,” Marca reports the right-back as saying.

“This team is ready. I said it before the Champions League against Barcelona, both physically and mentally we can handle what’s left, and I was sure we going to get through.

“We’re a team that has played finals and we’ve played together for a long time. The pressure on us comes from ourselves and our ambition.

“For me, the team, the club, the fans, the accounts are clear. If we win both games, we are champions. The first is Malaga, and we think only of Malaga.”

Juanfran also railed against pundits who insist Madrid have thrown the League away and Atleti could win it almost by default.

“I hate that people think [that way]. If Madrid don’t win the League and Atleti or Barca do it will be because these teams have been better.

“Madrid will try until the end because they have the players and staff to do so. Otherwise it will be a demerit for Madrid and a merit for Barca or Atletico.

“I have said very clearly I don’t like it when people say that if Madrid don’t win it’s because they lost it, not that we won it.

“If we win this League it will show that Atletico has been better this year. If Barca win in the last game then it will be their achievement, too, and if Madrid win it will be clear that they deserve it and I can’t detract from a team because people think or try to belittle another.”

Juanfran added that while a win over Malaga would mean Atletico could seal the title with a draw at Barca, they won’t go to Catalonia with that mindset.

“It would be a mistake to think we can draw, because in two moves, Andres [Iniesta] or Leo [Messi], or any of Barcelona, can win the game and we go home with nothing,” he continued.

“I had a bad time watching at Levante. It was a very sad day. I’m looking forward to helping the team win.”

Juanfran also offered condolences to his teammates, Miranda and Filipe Luis, who were left out of the Brazil squad for the World Cup despite their good season at club level.

“It’s sad for my friends. It’s clear that everyone is this room would have Filipe and Miranda on their list,” he said.

“It’s a shame their Coach doesn’t see it that way.”

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