Simeone: Spain supports Ateltico

Diego Simeone has said the whole of Spain support Atletico Madrid in the three-way title fight with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Sport reports Cholo as telling El Laguero on Cadena Sur that Atletico have shown that it is possible to challenge La Liga’s usual top two.

And that, the Argentine argues, should give encouragement to supporters of other clubs, and bring the neutrals to Atletico’s side.

“It’s not easy to break the hegemony of two powerful teams and we deserve everything we have on merit,” Simeone said.

“We are trying to show society and clubs elsewhere that if you work continuously you can compete.

“It’s new to them that [the League] goes to the final two rounds but I am convinced that whoever wins, the people of Levante or Osasuna see a reflection in Atletico of what they can aspire to be in the future.

“Today fans of all teams in Spain hope for a positive outlook for us.”

Simeone added that Atletico take solace from holding the key to their destiny despite losing to Levante last weekend.

“We think about ourselves. I don’t stop to worry about what others can do. I’ve never had a handle on that line,” he continued.

“I know I have to win and [if I do that] no one can reach me.

“Whoever invented this film with an open ending is great. Those of us in the game, the better we prepare for matches, we are convinced we do a better job, and the more chance we have.”

Atletico’s final home game comes this weekend, on Sunday at home to Malaga, and Simeone called for Vicente Calderon to be a cauldron.

“I invite the people to come and be optimistic, to believe that we can. Those who don’t believe, don’t come,” he went on.

“I hope the stadium explodes. On Sunday we’ll have two more players in the people are there.

“From the first minute we need trust, security and with strength but not pressure. We all have a responsibility for zero pressure.”

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