Zidane wants to ‘offer something’

Zinedine Zidane has admitted he wants to ‘offer something’ as a Coach, amidst reports that he could leave at the end of the season.

The World cup-winner is currently one of Carlo Ancelotti’s assistants at Los Blancos, but some have suggested that he could leave in the summer to take the reins at Monaco.

But in an interview with Audi, the former Galatico has revealed why he took a break from the game, and how he’s fallen in love with coaching.

“I wanted to concentrate on enjoying spending time with my family and my sons, because for 16 or 18 years football was my sole focus,” he told reporters at an event for the car company.

“When I retired I focused on my family. Now I want to get more involved in football again and show that I've got something to offer as a Coach.

“When you're a player, you play your match and then go home. Coaching is different, you're responsible for 23 or 25 players – it's a different role and I enjoy it.

“But when the match starts, then it's the players who make the difference.”

Zidane then commented on his four sons, all of whom have decided to try and make it as a footballer.

“I thought at least one of the four would go into something else [other than football], but that's not how it's turned out.

“The two eldest ones are training every day now. They played football non-stop between the ages of 8-10 – it's all they wanted to do. But, most importantly, they're all good kids.

“It [the pressure of having such a famous dad] has been difficult for them, although it's gotten a bit better over time.

“But the surname is there and always will be. I've told them that what's most important is for them to treat people with respect.”

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