Cerezo: No ‘briefcase’ payments

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo has rubbished suggestions that the club made ‘briefcase’ payments to keep the title alive.

Some reports had claimed that the Rojiblancos would give those teams facing Barcelona and Real Madrid financial incentives to perform at their best against their League rivals.

But the Vicente Calderon outfit’s chief has claimed that they would do no such thing.

“Atlético don’t do maletines [briefcase payments]. The maths are simple – our title chances come down to winning the two games we have left,” he told reporters at the Colombian Embassy last night, as Radamel Falcao was awarded the Ibero-American athlete of the year award in Madrid.

“There are a lot of things that we don’t have money for, including maletines.

“First we’d have to buy the briefcase and then put the money in it, but we're a team that doesn’t do maletines. This is an honest team and it knows how to win and lose.

“When Atlético win, they know how to win; and when they lose, they know how to lose. The maths are very simple.

“What we have to do is win our two games and let that be that.

“I have been doing my sums all weekend and right now they work out in our favour, because we have our fate in our own hands.

If we win, we’ll have no problems.”

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