Atletico Madrid’s players are excited and ready for the Champions League semi-final second-leg against Chelsea, Diego Simeone has said.

El Cholo told a pre-match Press conference that it will be the hardest-working team that will progress, with Real Madrid waiting in the final after beating Bayern Munich.

“First of all, it’s normal that for a definitive match the players are confident,” AS reports the Coach as telling reporters.

“The boys are excited and ready and will make for a difficult game. To reach the point they want will require a huge effort.

“You know me, I don’t stop to think about what’s happening but only the reality. Then we can be sure of the growth of the club and the team.

“I don’t think there’s much difference between us and a team that two years ago won the Champions League.

“There is a ball and the team that works hardest will get the advantage accordingly. We’re more enthusiastic than ever.”

Simeone was asked for his thoughts on Chelsea’s approach after the Blues went to Anfield with a massed defence and beat Premier League leaders Liverpool 2-0.

“I am very respectful of football in general. There are many ways to win a game and you have to select the most appropriate,” he replied.

“Defending is not easy and when a team does it well they are to be congratulated.

“I think football is changing and no one has the truth of it. We all understand but what is important is that you spend time with players and choose the way of playing.

“Don’t tie yourself to any form regardless of the situation the opponent poses. You can win with 10 in defence, 10 in attack and 10 in the middle.”

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