Valverde: Barca? It’s Press talk

Ernesto Valverde has insisted he will remain at Athletic Bilbao despite consistent Press links with Barcelona.

It has been speculated that Valverde is on the Catalans’ shortlist to replace Tata Martino for next season but speaking at a Press conference prior to Athletic’s game against Sevilla, Valverde chastised the media.

“I won’t speak publically about the terms of my contract but I don’t know how else to say I have a contract with Athletic,” Valverde said, according to Marca.

“All the talk about this is from the Press.

“From the point of view of the Coach, I can’t get to speak. I have a contract with Athletic which is quite clear, and there is a Coach in Barcelona who also has a contract.

“The other day he was my rival but he is also my co-worker and I guess he won’t like that every day you are talking about replacements.

“Coaches should be above the speculations generated in the Press.”

Valverde moved on to talk about the game against Sevilla and insisted it has been his focus all week, with Unai Emery’s side three points behind fourth-place Athletic.

“From the beginning I have had eyes only for this match,” he added.

“We know what we’re up against and we’re looking forward to kick-off.

“It’s like a final and will give a great advantage to whoever wins.

“These games were everything is at stake is what feeds us. There is a lot at stake and we have a lot of nerves and stress. It’s a big game.

“Winning is important because we can reach the final games with a lead. The draw leaves us in the same position, depending on ourselves. In our mind we’re just going to try and win.”

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