Rosell: Thank you Tito

Sandro Rosell has written a letter to Tito Vilanova after the death of the former Barcelona Coach on Friday.

The letter was originally printed in La Vanguardia and in it Rosell reveals he was able to speak to Vilanova on Friday, shortly before he passed away.

Vilanova died at the age of 45 after suffering from throat cancer.

“My friend Tito, thank you very much,” Rosell writes.

“It has been a pleasure to share conversations, meetings, lunches, dinners, coffee or beer.

“And in each of these sometimes you gave me life lessons.

“Conversations emanated concern, but no concern for yourself or for your health, but concern from you for your family and your friends, and also how you could contribute your talents to Barcelona other than in training the first team.

“Your generosity has been overwhelming and few people I’ve met can compare with you. You were thinking of others until your last breath.

“We talked many times and it’s as you said: you’ve sown and you’ve collected.

“Your friends, many and good, love you, and you will not need to suffer because your friends will take care of those you love most, your family, and remember your motto, sanity, heart and balls.

“I was able to talk to you just before your eternal sleep. Probably it was the best and worst conversation I have ever had.

“Thank you so much for giving me some of your last minutes, to help me realise the excessive importance we place on things that don’t fill more than our ego.

“I’ll never forget being able to say goodbye, knowing that we’ll see each other one day.

“Until then, Tito, have a big kiss from one of the many who love you.”

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