Di Maria: Messi isn’t struggling

Angel Di Maria has said that after speaking with Lionel Messi, he feels rumours the Barcelona forward is struggling are misguided.

The Real Madrid midfielder has spoken with Argentine radio and revealed that he had a conversation with Messi after Wednesday’s Copa del Rey final.

Madrid won the match with Di Maria scoring the opening goal and Mundo Deportivo reports that Di Maria didn’t notice anything of concern in Messi’s demeanour.

“I talked to him [after the Cup final] and he’s calm and happy,” Di Maria said.

“I think that things aren’t going well for Barca and that affects him and it shows.

“Moreover opponents know him better than ever and that counts too.

“I don’t think Leo is having a hard time.”

Di Maria added that he sees similarities in Barcelona today and Madrid last season, when Santiago Bernabeu was an unhappy camp under Jose Mourinho.

“Barca are having a difficult time. The same thing happened to us last year when we didn’t win anything,” Di Maria admitted.

“When you see your goals escape you, it’s hard to face. So far though things are going well for Madrid and that’s what matters.

“It’s unacceptable to be second and that calls for Barca and all the clubs to win.

“Whenever you play against Barca, that’s all that counts. Being beneath them is very complicated.

“I don’t see Barca as worn out. They had a great Cup final despite the defeat.

“What I think has happened is that teams know them better and know how to play against them.”

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