Andres Iniesta has asked that Barcelona’s Copa del Rey defeat be examined dispassionately, without jumping to conclusions.

AS reports Iniesta as admitting he has been hurt by the 2-1 reverse but he stressed in a post-match interview that there should be no rush to judgement.

“We’re saddened to lose, to miss out on a trophy,” he said.

“We just couldn’t get the second goal after we got level. It’s a pity and I thank the people who have been with the team until the end. It’s a disappointment we need to overcome.

“Football has its moments. This is a week where we’ve been knocked out of two competitions.

“The timing is hard and we tried to win the final but we have to be calm.

“It’s the details that make a game and they were better in them.”

Iniesta expanded on the subject of Barca’s recent results, with the Cup final defeat the Catalans’ third consecutive loss in as many different competitions.

“Titles are decided over a short time and it’s down to details,” he said.

“Sometimes it goes for you and sometimes it doesn’t. We honestly tried and fought as we had to.

“We leave with the disappointment of not getting the trophy.

“We’ll analyse everything, whether we lose out in the trophies or not. We’ve got days to go through our options in the League.

“From there, we’ll look around for things that we haven’t done well and make sure it doesn’t happen again. We mustn’t drop until everything is finished.”

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