Arrasate: Atletico an example

Jagoba Arrasate believes the success of Atletico Madrid is an example to other teams in La Liga working on a small budget.

The Real Sociedad Coach has given an interview to Marca in advance of his side’s game against Real Madrid today.

Madrid are currently three points behind League leaders Atletico and with Atletico in action on Saturday afternoon, by the time Madrid’s evening game gets underway the gap could be six points.

“I think Madrid and Barcelona have more individual talent but it’s harder to play Atletico,” Arrasate revealed.

“I like that there are other styles of play. It is worth seeing not only the aesthetic football of Barca but also or how fast Real Madrid can win titles.

“Atletico can still win the League and the Champions League and their values are clear.”

Arraste also admitted that playing the likes of Madrid is a difficult proposition, but expects La Real to make life uneasy for Los Blancos.

“It’s hard to find weak points in such a strong team and I think the key is enhancing your own players,” he continued.

“Only then do you have a chance to beat them.

“It’s clear that we need [Vela and Griezmann] to beat such a good team and they know it and will give everything.

“Madrid can play badly and win, it’s true, with the individual quality they have, but I’m sure Ancelotti has his own headaches and certainly has a lot more pressure”

Arrasate also said Antoine Griezmann’s thoughts were on the end of the season with his club and the World Cup with France, not engineering a move to Paris Saint-Germain.

“Being French it’s clear that PSG are one of the most powerful clubs, sporting and economically, but Griezmann is focused,” he said.

“We can’t keep [the names of our players] out of hypothetical transfers to other teams.

“What I say is that they are happy here, where they have grown and done well. And from there, who knows?”

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