Pepe repeats Busquets stamp claim

Pepe has insisted Sergio Busquets stamped on his head in the recent Clasico fixture and says he’d be thrown out of Spain if it was the other way round.

The Real Madrid defender was asked about the incident in the mixed zone following Los Blancos’ 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday.

“No one’s stupid. There are pictures,” Pepe replied when asked if he accepted Busquets’ claim the stamp was accidental.

“One of the values of human beings is to be honest, and at times admit you were in the wrong, ask for forgiveness and apologise.

“They are the images. I want to help my team by doing my thing but if instead of Busquets doing that, Pepe does, I would not be playing for Real Madrid, which is what many of them want, to see me on the outside.

“These things happen in football. They have their course of action and I am happy in Madrid.”

Pepe was asked about details of a conversation he and Lionel Messi are said to have had during the game that was reported in the Spanish Press.

The Portugal international argued that the reason the Press was made aware of the exchange, which featured a quip by Messi, was to detract attention from Busquets.

“The thing with Messi happens in football. We talk on the field and everything is left there,” he added.

“Many times people say things when they face me. They tell their story and there’s no getting around it.

“Something happens and then in the story I’m the bad guy.

“But there are pictures. They must be analysed and not enter the history of going easy on Barcelona.

“The thing with Messi takes the attention but if it was me who did what Busquets did people would not want me to play in Spain.

“Here I have the reputation of a murderer and they would throw me out.”

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