Tiago: Atleti like Robin Hood

Atletico Madrid midfielder Tiago believes that his men will be like ‘Robin Hood’ this evening against Barcelona.

English folklore says that Robin Hood ‘stole from the rich and gave to the poor’ – a parallel the Portugal international sees in this evening’s Champions League quarter-final first leg.

“I think [we’re like Robin Hood’, we've got a great identity,” he told a Press conference.

“It is easy to identify yourself with us. Society is going through a time of crisis and we are fighting in the league and Champions League with big clubs.

“In a difficult time, people can relate to us, we fight against adversity. That's where we get the similarity with Robin Hood.

“I have a good few years in football behind me but I've only played in the quarter-finals of this tournament twice.

“It's difficult. Barcelona in the last six years have played six semi-finals, and won two finals.

“I am fine but we have a side full of players who know what it is to play in finals. For that we have maximum confidence. We are ready.

“A goal away from home gives you something in the Champions League.

“A little more for the second leg. We are expecting a game like the last ones, lots of possession, trying to open us up, and us looking to break.”

Tiago then commented on Victor Valdes’ injury and Diego Costa’s importance.

“We know he's injured, but nothing else. We will prepare for a game against a Barça side full of great players.

“Pinto has quality. We have to do the best we can with our weapons.

“Diego plays with passion in every game. That's his secret. That won't change.

“To play in the Champions League has a transcending effect, but Diego is really happy, like everyone is.”

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