Mourinho: Life in Spain is hard

Jose Mourinho has revealed that while he enjoyed his time in Spain, he prefers the lifestyle of working in England.

Mourinho spent three years as Real Madrid Coach before returning to the Premier League and Chelsea, who he first managed between 2004 and 2007.

In an interview with Radio Monte Carlo Mourinho has said he enjoyed working in Spain but prefers the English lifestyle.

“Spain was a fantastic experience but the social life isn’t easy,” Mourinho said.

“I got tired of the atmosphere. I like it in England. The relationship with the players, fans and Press suits me.”

Mourinho was also asked for his thoughts on El Clasico, and in particular the refereeing.

“I watched the game. The refereeing is the same everywhere. Football is more than a sport and it’s not easy. There’s too much pressure,” he added.

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