Mou ‘expected more’ from Madrid

Jose Mourinho has said Real Madrid have been disappointing in La Liga this season and should be leading Barcelona.

The former Madrid Coach and current Chelsea manager was speaking to Eurosport before Madrid’s midweek defeat against Sevilla.

He said that Barca’s deterioration from their high level of recent years should have allowed Madrid to take a greater advantage than the single point they had at the time of the interview.

But with Barca winning while Madrid lost, La Blaugrana now lead Los Blancos.

“I am a little surprised. I expected Madrid to be higher up, with a great advantage, because Barca have lost a lot more points this year than in the past three seasons,” the Portuguese said.

“The English League has four clubs fighting for the title,” Mourinho pointed out when asked to consider the two countries’ relative merits.

“While in Spain there are three clubs with only two or three points between them.

“Atletico Madrid have an incomparably lower budget [to Barca and Madrid] but are doing a fantastic job.

“People are used to seeing La Liga as a competition for two clubs. Now it has become a League of three. That’s good.”

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