Simeone: Atleti need the fans

Diego Simeone has asked the Atletico Madrid fans to pack Vicente Calderon against Granada tonight.

Simeone predicted a difficult game and said at his pre-match Press conference that having a roaring home crowd would help the players a great deal.

“The game against Granada will be difficult, complicated, because our opponents need the points and so do we,” El Cholo added.

“We’ll need a high level of intensity to take the game the way we want.

“Hopefully the stadium will be full. That’s the only thing that concerns me at the moment.

“I hope the fans understand that we need them. I invite everyone to come to the stadium and get behind the team.

“We need a great effort from us and from the fans.”

Simeone also claimed that rather than cite winning the title as an objective, he prefers to aim for less tangible rewards.

“The only thing we aspire to is being competitive in every game,” the Coach insisted.

“All the players are important to us in this final stretch.

“We’ve got four home games left and we need an explosion of noise inside the stadium, so it’s full of flags, enthusiasm and excitement.”

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