Porto Alegre mayor with WC threat

The mayor of Porto Alegre has admitted that his city may have to pull out of hosting matches at this summer’s World Cup.

Jose Fortunati has conceded that the Estadio Beira-Rio is not ready for matches to take place at the ground, due to a lack of temporary structures.

The city’s chief has asked for a bill that will exempt companies from paying tax on temporary structures, insisting that is the only way they will be able to raise the funds to complete the stadiu,/

“This is the point which matters in terms of holding the World Cup in Porto Alegre," he told Rádio Gaúcha.

“If the bill is not voted, we will not have the World Cup in Porto Alegre.

“This is because we will not have the resources to do it. We have no plan B. The only alternative is this.”

Porto Alegre is due to host five matches at the tournament, including Australia-Netherlands in Spain’s Group B.

France-Honduras, Korea-Algeria and Nigeria-Argentina are all set to take place in the city.

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