‘Complaining about refs is a waste of time’

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo has criticised Real Madrid for complaining about referees.

Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo have both been reported to the League’s Competition Committee after they accused Undiano Mallenco of bias towards Barcelona in Sunday’s Clasico.

The Rojiblancos chief though, believes that talking about officials after the game is a waste of time.

“Moaning about something which cannot be changed is just a waste of energy – nothing can be done about what happened,” he told Radio Marca.

“I watched the game between Madrid and Barça and if it was difficult for the viewing public to see exactly what happened, how can you start blaming the ref? Even after watching the replays, it wasn’t clear – but on the whole, the referees usually get these decisions right.

“Cristiano Ronaldo – the one and only Cristiano, and Sergio Ramos – both of them, great players.

“They were trying to defend themselves from a certain position without going too far. You either win games or you lose them and we’ve seen great players in matches overseen by great refereeing.”

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