Lopez thankful for support

Diego Lopez has thanked the Real Madrid supporters for the affection they have shown him since he moved to the club.

The goalkeeper added that despite contesting the starting position with Iker Casillas, there is no bad blood between them.

Speaking to El Laguero, Lopez insisted that his relationship with Casillas is overwhelmingly positive.

“Things change between people with age but not because of anything that has happened between us,” Lopez said.

“I respect and admire Iker and Iker has always admired me and never disrespected me.

“We have a warm, natural relationship. What both Iker and I see is the love of the fans. I can’t have any negative words for Iker because they wouldn’t be the truth.

“Iker has been one of the best goalkeepers in the world and I don’t mind if people want Iker to play. I know the situation in Madrid and in Spain.

“It’s normal. Iker and I live with this as a normal situation and there’s a lot of respect.”

Lopez added that playing in the glare of the spotlight that shines on Madrid hasn’t altered who he is as a person or a player.

“I don’t think I’ve changed since I came to Madrid. I’ve tried to be the same. I respect the work of the Press and don’t think I’ve been treated unfairly,” he continued.

“I haven’t felt challenged by the Press. I am very happy in Madrid and I know I have to receive criticism and praise.

“I signed to compete and fight for a place and I trust myself and my abilities. I hope I can remain a Real Madrid player.

“My idea is to continue at Madrid, it’s a good challenge for me. There is no better club in the world.”

Lopez was asked for his thoughts on potentially travelling to the World Cup as well as current Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti and his predecessor, Jose Mourinho.

“It’s very difficult to get into the national team right now because there are three goalkeepers there that deserve it.

“I am grateful to Mourinho because he made me believe in my ability,” Lopez added regarding the Portuguese.

“I don’t think Ancelotti has done anything the supporters could complain about. He told me I was going to play in the League but I never expect to play.

“I knew it was difficult to hold on to my place but I trust my ability. I knew I had to give my best and work hard.

“The situation in the locker room is very different to last season. Ancelotti knows the players very well and he is a very good person, natural and very smart.”

Lopez will be in goal for Madrid against Barcelona on Sunday and said the Clasico is a game to look forward to.

“These are games to enjoy, to live and to win. I’ve never experienced a Lionel Messi penalty though and I hope I don’t this time.

“Don’t take my word for it, recognise the talent Barca have. Sunday will be very difficult.”

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